How to fit a Velux window to a tiled roof


Natural light can make your home feel light, open and spacious, helping you feel happier and healthier. When it comes to increasing the natural light into your home, you can’t do much better than a roof window. One manufacturer which stands out above the crown is the Velux roof window. Known as the most recognisable and arguably the best roof window manufacturer in the market.

Velux windows are deigned to be simple and easy to install so they’re perfect for DIY lovers and novices. But to help you along, we’ve created this guide on how to fit a Velux window to a tiled roof.

1. Be sure about your positioning

Before you start, ensure you know where you want to place your roof windows. They’re a little tricky to reposition after all.

When picking a position, it’s important to make sure that your replacement won’t interfere with important supporting timbers or roof structures.


2. Create the opening

Once you’ve found the perfect place, it’s time to get stuck in and create the opening for your window!

Start by removing the tiles in the area. These are accessed by cutting the felt underneath them, and can be removed by cutting away one of the battens from under the tile.

Once the tiles are removed, you’ll be able to remove the necessary roof timbers for the opening. Remember – the opening should be big enough to fit your window and flashing. It’s recommended that you leave a space 50-60mm bigger than your window for the width of the hole.

When this opening is complete, you can add additional timbers to make the new framework.


3. Remove the sash from the window.

With the opening sorted, it’s time to move onto your Velux roof window. The first step is to remove the sash (the opening part) from the window frame.

To do this, stand the window upright and remove the top polystyrene blocks. Push the control bar upwards and inwards until it clicks into place. Now, the sash can be opened.

When opened, move the polystyrene blocks from the control bar to the top of the sash. Then, rotate the sash and rest the window on the blocks. Depress the buttons on the hinges to remove the sash from the frame, placing the frame on the ground and the sash in a safe place for later.

4. Fit the frame.

The first step to fitting the frame is to attach the metal fixing brackets to the frame.

The position of these brackets depends on the type of flashing that you’re using and comes in two colour coded types – red and blue.

The red brackets are fitted on the top and bottom of the frame, while the blue ones are fitted to the side. To help get the right placements, your window frames will have a blue and red colour coded line running down the side.

Once the brackets are in place, your frame is then fitted into your roof opening and secured into place.


5. Fit the flashing

This is an incredibly important step that you cannot miss. Flashing is the key ingredient to your roof windows – it is what weatherproofs it and protects it and your home from being damaged.

Velux flashing is designed to be easy. Just simply click into place around the window – and screw it into place.

Fitting a Roof Window

6. Put the tiles back on the window.

Once the frame and the flashing are in place, it’s time to return the tiles around the window.

Depending on the position of your window, you may have to cut down some tiles to ensure an even and perfect fit. To do this, use an angle grinder – but make sure you are on the ground and wearing safety goggles!


7. Fit the opening sash.

It’s time for your sash to go back on.

Simply click the hinges into place and voila, your roof window is done!



With our guide of how to fit a Velux window to a tiled roof, your home will be complete in no time at all! If you struggle with any part of the instillation, you can always contact a local tradesman for a quick and simple instillation.