How To Clean Roof Gutters

Specialist advice on how to clean roof gutters. You may have severe downpour, windy conditions sending leaves clogging up your gutter. These all causing your rain to trickle down the side of your house, causing potential flooding, damaged flowerbeds or saturated wet heads when you walk out of your front door.
By cleaning gutters of leaves and debris will prevent damage to your landscape and home that left untreated may cost you a severe amount of damages. Below we tell you everything you need to know from how to clean gutters, how often you should clean them to the cost and benefits of hiring someone to do it for you.

What Will I Need?

It does’ take a lot of time to clean gutters once on top of it and it don’t break the money bank with the items you will need. he items needed for cleaning gutters are normal DIY items that many households already have anyway.

  • Extendable ladder.
  • Heavy work gloves.
  • Eye protection.
  • Gutter scoop or some other object that is able to scoop debris like a garden trowel.
  • Bucket or heavy duty bag.
  • Garden hose or a watering can.

How to Clean Rain Gutters?

Like majority of things in life if you maintain and look after your possessions they will function the way you want them to. In this case if they aren’t cleaned, drain outlets will dam up and rainwater will fill the gutters, overflow, and eventually pull the gutters loose. Below is a conventional way of how to clean your gutters which is also sometimes used by many professionals in the industry.

  • Wear the appropriate clothing. This consist of a long sleeve shirt and heavy work gloves to protect your hands from any sharp debris. Depending on the location there could be plenty of objects that fall in your gutter.
    Some guttering depending on how it was fitted may have screws pointing through it so be wary of these sharp objects. it is always recommended to wear safety glasses or goggles especially while you are up so high.
  • Essential for safety to have a reliable extendable ladder. It is ideal to ensure you have standoff stabilisers to prevent any damage to the gutter and the weight isn’t resting on the gutter. If there is no other way make sure you have a piece of wood or spare guttering to place inside to support the weight best it can.
    If you are confident and making sure the roof is safe to be on and not slippy you can also do the following exercise on the roof itself.
  • Remove any gunk, leaves or debris with a scoop. There are specialist gutter scoops on the market however you can always use a garden hand held shovel, or children’s shovel.
  • Be tidy when cleaning the gutter. Save yourself a job by having a plastic carry bag at hand to scoop any gunk, leaves and debris in the bag rather than all over the garden.
  • Once all gunk and mess has been removed, test the gutter by flushing it. Use a garden hose and flush the gutter to really wash out any loose bits that you may have not picked up. Work towards the drain pipe and wash out each lenght of gutter pipe.  This is also a great opportunity to see if there are any leaks.
  • Is water not draining through the drain pipe? if this is the case then try using the hose to flush the debris down the drain pipe. In some circumstances there maybe a clog, so you may need to use a plumber auger or a pipe to try and shift the clogged debris within the drain pipe until it starts to drain smoothly.

How to clean roof giutters

How Often Should You Clean Gutters?

Clean gutters at least once a year. If you have over hanging trees then maybe twice a year. Potentially around Spring and Autumn is a good time of year to check them as this tends to be the times of year when leaves start to fall and can see if any damage has been caused over the winter periods. Clogs often occur where downspouts join the gutter system, closely check these..

How Much Does it Cost to Pay Someone to Clean Roof Gutters?

Depending on the size of your gutter and if you have a commercial building the price can be even more expensive based on high the gutter is, as certain building will need specialist high lift maintenance equipment to get the job done. A domestic house or bungalow can vary between £50 – £150. This also depends on where you are in the UK as well.

What about Gutter Covers?

A great way to prevent gutter from clogging are gutter covers. These are attached to your gutter and are plastic mesh to still gather all the downpour from your roof or roof window but prevent unwanted debris falling in like leaves etc. These are highly recommended for households who live near tall deciduous trees.

You can severely slow clogging to your gutters by installing covers. In certain cases however, the cover can be more expensive than the gutter itself but there is cheaper alternative at up to £10 for 5-6 metres.  These also require regular maintenance and can be done the same time you come to clean the gutter itself by washing out the mesh cover to make sure water is easily accessible to run through into the gutter.


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