Best Roof Windows


With so many products out there in the market it is hard to know what is right for you. We have composed a list of the best roof windows looking at quality, price and style. Here is out list of the best roof windows on market:

Aurora Roof Window

Aurora Best Roof Windows

Aurora has multiple products but one that tops the list is the Aurora centre pivot Pine roof window.Aurora windows are manufactured highest EU standards and are retailing at great value in the UK. Aurora roof windows come standard with a comprehensive 10 year manufacturers guarantee, LB Roof Windows (the supplier of Aurora) state they are so confident in the quality of our product that if your not happy with Aurora for any reason they offer a return to base guarantee and full refund, excluding transport costs only.

It can be installed on a variety of roofs using the multipurpose slate & tile flashing and is suitable for all applications with a pitch range of 15 – 90 degrees and on all common roofing’s from 0-50 mm thickness.

All Aurora Roof Windows are environmentally friendly, they are made from FSC certified wood. The pane has a Low-E heat reflection coating, which will give extra heat insulation.

Very easy to install, however even a competent DIY’er is able to install the roof window using the installation guide that comes within the box. Another benefit of purchasing an Aurora roof window is the roof window packages that are available which makes it even cheaper buying it as package rather than items individually. The packages includes flashing as well as either a roof window pole or blind.

Price: From £94.80 (Inc. VAT)


Velux Roof Window

Velux Centre Roof Window

Velux was founded in 1954 in the UK but has now spread to over 35 countries around the world meaning it is one of the most recognisable brands for roof windows. The company creates its products around the idea of creating better living environments for people by introducing sunlight and fresh air.

Velux are renowned by professionals for constantly evolving and improving their products, with upgrades and updates coming along frequently.

The centre pivot window remains as one of the bestselling Velux products because theirs are the only window to have a top operation. They have a range of styles from laminated to pine and can be found at many retailers across the country with it being the leading brand in the UK.

Price: From £219.47


Dakea Roof Windows

The Dakea roof window offer great guarantees of up to 20 years providing yo confidence that the window will last through the British weather. With exceptional glazing, Dakea ensures excellent energy-conserving performance, safety and comfort.

Dakea Good Roof Window

With Dakeas motto “Pay for the quality, not for advertising” – With Dakea you pay for the product quality, which is reflected in the longest guarantee on the market today. Dakea windows are manufactured in Europe with highest manufacturing standards possible.

One of their popular products is the Dakea Good Roof Window. Mainly due to the fact it is an affordable option designed for “small budget” projects

Dakea Good roof windows can be installed in all roofing materials, in a roof pitch from 15 to 90 degrees. One down fall maybe that it provides proper installation by using the original Dakea flashing however, fortunately it is easily accessible to get the Dakea flashing online.

Despite it being a cheaper option it is still covered by a 20 year guarantee.

Price: From £154.80



YARDLite Roof Windows

YARDLite have a range of roof windows in different sizes and materials. Two of the most popular are the centre pivot pine roof window and the white painted. These are made by VELUX’s sister company Altaterra, who also manufacturer Dakea, Liteleader and RoofLITE.

YARD Direct the resellers of YARDLite offer a 10 year guarantee on all of their roof window products which provide extra reassurance that the product is long lasting. Yet it is also quoted to be approximately up to 40% cheaper than VELUX.

Below are some of the sizes and material that they come in:

  •  White PVC finish unvented skylight window is APX DURO – available in 7 sizes ranging from the smallest at 55cm x 78cm to the largest 114cm x 118cm.
  •  Pine finish vented roof window is DVX NITO – available in 7 sizes ranging from the smallest at 55cm x 78cm to the largest 114cm x 118cm.
  •  Pine finish unvented window is DPX HIVE – available in 7 sizes ranging from the smallest at 55cm x 78cm to the largest 114cm x 118cm.

Price: From £121.98